Treats for Your Dogs

We give our dogs food products from the pet shop in order to keep them healthy and strong but there are also other needs that dogs have that are required to keep them in good condition like dog shampoo, dog brush, dog treats and toys.  You can also buy things that make dog handling easier for you like leashes, cooling and heating mats, and other pawsiq products.

But these are not the only need that you dogs have; they also need to be taught how to behave in your presence, out of your presence or when you have visitors.  Since many pet owners don't know how to train their dogs, the dog ends up in a dog cage when it misbehaves and this can result in unacceptable behavior from your pet.

In training them, it is important to admit that dogs respond by instinct, and because of this, it is essential that you give them offhand treats while training them or as a means of awarding them for that good behavior.  Below you will find the healthy treats that are ideal for a doggie reward for good behavior.

The most common dog treat that owners feed their pets are biscuits.  Besides biscuits, you can find other dog treats that are as healthy as biscuits.  What I want to emphasize is merely, that they are healthier. For more facts about dogs, visit this website at .

One good doggie treat is yogurt which is a sweet treat like ice cream that dogs love and is very healthy because they contain probiotics that stimulate the growth of microorganisms that help improve your dog's digestion and help them in fighting diseases. 

You can also give your dog vegetables that are high in fiber.  Their high levels of fiber help with constipation diarrhea, and weight management.  Specialized pet shops sell these high fiber vegetables.

K9 Glucosamine chews is another healthy treat found in pet shops.  A glucosamine chew will be good for your older dog if you vet prescribes a daily regimen, instead of giving it a pill.  They are tastier and more filling.

You can give your dogs dental chews for their dental health.  The taste of these dental chews is good, and they can encourage the chewing instincts of dog which help exercise their jaws.  They are also formulated to help support healthy teeth and gums and reducing tartar.

All these treats mentioned above might be the same to those other treats that most dogs get while being trained in terms of its utility, but not in value.  Therefore, a responsible dog owner who makes use of these great multi-functional treat to their pet while training them is fulfilling those 3 objectives, which is keeping them healthy, conditioned and training them as well. Click here to read more.